"We create unforgettable, one-of-a-kind ornaments to commemorate special events, anniversaries and more.

Each ornament has its own character, its own life, and is designed specifically for you, our customer. We know that creating a custom ornament can be an involved process which is why one of our experts works with you throughout the entire process. Our goal is to bring your idea to life in a beautiful and individualized way.

On these pages, we provide examples of the creativity and craftsmanship you can expect from our company. Call us at 800-231-4788 to start your ornament today or contact one of our experts to ask for a FREE sample pack."

-- Tom Pollard, Owner

Custom Ornament FAQ

Over the years we have helped many groups create beautiful keepsake ornaments for all types of occasions. Along the way, we have been asked many questions. Below are some common questions that you and your committee might have. We hope these help in the discussion phase of your project.

Please feel free to call (1-800-231-4788) or contact us. We're happy to go over the process provide pricing and answer all your questions with a personalized one-on-one conversation.

1How do I start?

Send us your information and questions on our contact page. We also offer a free sample pack. Feel free to call (1-800-231-4788) to reach one of our experts.

2How and when do we pay?

To start your artwork we require a $200 non-refundable deposit. The remaining balance of your invoice is due after production begins, before your ornaments can be shipped to you. *larger quantities(1,000+) require a 50% payment before production begins.

We accept check and credit card payments.

Checks should be made payable to Tom Pollard Designs. Checks should be mailed to 1420 Termon Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15212. Tom Pollard Designs utilizes PayPal for credit card processing (we store no payment information). This ensures a safe and easy way for you to pay. You do not need a Paypal account; you will be able to proceed as a guest.

3How long does it take to get my ornaments?

The process time can vary depending on the time of year. On average, artwork takes 2-3 weeks and production takes 6-8 weeks. Preparing your ornaments takes about 1-5 business days. Shipping can be 1-5 days as well. It is advised to start 3 months before you need you ornaments to ensure an on time delivery.

4Can you rush ornaments for me?

It is possible to expedite the 3 month production time. Doing so will incur an extra fee that varies based on time of year and business capacity. Contact us immediately to discuss your time frame. Check out our Rush Charges.

5What kind of help is available during the process?

One of our experts will work with you through the entire process to help advise you, design your ornament and keep things on schedule for an on time delivery.

6Do you ever have sales?

We have an Early Bird Special from January 1st to May 1st every year. You can get $100 off the Art and Tooling OR one free color that has a value of over $100.

Sign-up for an emailed reminder about the sale here!

7What does the Art and Tooling fee cover?

The $395 Art and Tooling fee covers the initial set-up of your ornament.

The “art” portion of this fee covers the work that is put into designing and creating the artwork. This is covered by the $200 non-refundable deposit that is required to start the artwork. *This $200 deposit is not in addition to the $395 Art & Tooling fee, but merely the art portion of it.

The remaining $195 is used to cover the creation of your tool. This tool is a mold of your artwork which is used to cast your ornament.

We keep your tool on file for at least 10 years

8How and when can I reorder?

We keep your artwork on file for at least 10 years. If you order within 10 months of your original order the price per ornament will be based off the quantity of your original order.

Learn more about reordering here .

9Do the ornaments tarnish?

Like all brass items these ornaments can tarnish over time. However, proper storage and cleaning can reduce and reverse the dull appearance.

When storing your brass ornament, the best way to limit tarnishing is to pack the ornament in an airtight zip lock bag, and to store it in a cool area.

To safeguard against extensive tarnishing clean your ornament yearly. Use a soft cloth and brass cleaner, rubbing all over your ornament in small circles.

10What can I put on my Information Sheet?

information sheets can generally fit about 120 words (square sheet used for black felt boxes and the free sleeve). A rectangular sheet is also available for the free sleeve, and can accommodate up to 180 words. Customers who opt for the gold foil box will receive a sticker placed on the underside of the lid, and fits roughly 160 words.

The text on your information sheet can be anything you like. Many groups use this space to tell their organization's story, share their motto, or recognize employees and supporters. Typically, a faded gray image of your ornament is placed behind your text. However, some groups have chosen to use a different image/logo, or opt for no image. Similarly, we have also had customers choose to feature only an image, and no text.

11Can you make just a few ornaments for us to use as samples?

No, unfortunately because of how the ornaments are made we can’t just make a few. Once the artwork is approved you can request full color artwork to use for presales and complete your order after you have a better idea of the quantity you want.

< p>We would be happy to send you a free sample pack of ornaments we've done in the past, along with all of our packaging options.

12Can we get artwork to presell and give you a quantity later to complete our order?

Yes, once your artwork is approved, you can request a full color artwork. You can use that to presell your ornaments. When you’re ready, let us know how many you’d like to order. Keep in mind the 6-8 week production time.

$200 non-refundable deposit is required.

13Do I have to box my ornaments or do they come done?

The free sleeve comes unassembled and you have to assemble them.  See our packaging instructions.

If you order the slimline black felt box or gold box they come fully assembled and ready for sales and distribution.

14How big are the ornaments?

The diameter varies based on shape, but typically range from 2.75" to 3.25". Larger ornaments are available upon request but the cost per ornament will change.

15I work with a committee, how will that work?

We work with many committees. It’s best to put one person in charge of relaying any messages from the group to us.

16How are the ornaments made?

Check out our "How to Guide." It outlines what you can expect during the process of creating a custom ornament.

Our ornaments are etched using a controlled acid spray, then plated. An in depth technical explanation of the ornament production phase can be found here

17What colors are available to add to our ornament?

We use the Pantone Matching System. It is a collection of hundreds of colors and we’re sure to have any color or shade you want.

18Can we return unsold ornaments or stands?

The ornaments are custom-made and unable to be resold. Nor can the material be melted down for reuse - so we can't take them back for a refund.

If you purchase extra stands, you can return those for a refund (as long as they aren't damaged). 

19Can you make ornaments that spin 360°?

No, that is a specialized style that we are not able to do. Twistable designs have a 45° limit.

If you have additional questions at this time, please do not hesitate to contact us

at Bethany@TomPollardDesigns.com or call 800-231-4788.