We keep artwork on file for at least 10 years to make reordering quick and easy for you.

Reorders are also cheaper per ornament! This is because the Art and Tooling was a one-time-fee. If you had added color the Set-up fee of $100 was also a one-time-fee. So your color on a reorder is only $.10 per ornament.

If your reorder is within 10 months of your original order the price is based off of your original price break. Below is an example showing your cost of reordering 100 ornaments if your original order was for 400 ornaments.

Original Order

Order of 400 in the felt box with 1 color

Art and Tooling .......................$395

400 @ $5.50 each..................$2200

400 felt box @ $.70 each........$280

Add Color($100+$.10 each)...$140

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TOTAL--------------$3,015 / $7.54 per ornament

Reorder Example

Reorder of 100 (in the same year)

Art and Tooling .........................$0

100 @ $5.50 each..................$550

100 felt box @ $.70 each........$70

Add Color($.10 each)...............$10

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TOTAL--------------$630 / $6.30 per ornament


Take artwork we have on file and make a few changes to personalize it to fit your needs. These changes can include but are not limited to changing a date, adding your name or a dangling piece. By doing this you don’t have to pay the full Art and Tooling fee of $395. Only a $200 retooling fee or a color set-up fee ($100+$.10 per ornament) is required. As you can see from the examples below, there are many ways to retool an ornament to create a custom piece for your group. We are happy to try and help your group find the perfect ornament to retool.

  • Class reunions can take a previously made custom ornament of their school and change the year on it or add a dangling piece that has their graduating year.
  • This Methodist church took a previously made Methodist emblem and changed the name to theirs and edited the anniversary years.
  • This customer took one of our stock ornaments and replaced our quote with their name and added their logo to the bottle of wine.

    *not all stock ornaments can be altered

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