Promoting and Selling

It can be a challenge to know the best way to go about selling your ornaments. It's important to get the message out about the ornaments to your patrons but also to figure out how to distribute the ornaments once you have them. We want to do everything we can to help you distribute your ornaments quickly and easily. below are a few features we offer that can help to advertise and dispense your custom ornament.

Flyer Design

Flyers are a great tool to promote your sale. We can provide you with a professionally designed custom flyer formatted as both digital (JPEG) and printable (PDF) versions. This can be great for sharing on social media platforms or passing out at fundraisers, anniversaries, and events.


Your flyer will include:
  • Your organization and event/celebration (if applicable)
  • A "color" version of your ornament's artwork for your supporters
  • Ordering information (such where/who to place an order with)

Order Form

Collecting orders can be a hassle. It's easy to lose track of who ordered what and how many. To help you stay organized we can make a custom page on our website that will act as an order form for your supporters.

We collect their order and contact information, and you collect their payments. At the end of your pre-sales period, we will send you an excel sheet of all the orders. You then just need to cross check it with the payments you received and send us back the form with all of the ornaments that are approved for shipping. All ornaments will then be shipped to one central location for you to distribute.


This page will include:
  • A paragraph written by you outlining your group, it's goals and anything else you wish to say.
  • A "color" version of your ornament's artwork for your supporters.
  • Your payment methods and information
  • Space for shipping addresses
  • Estimated ornament delivery

Individual Shipping

Distributing ornaments can be stressful and chaotic. Let us do it for you. You will need to provide shipping addresses and the related orders. For an additional cost, we can add a personalized greeting card.


+ Shipping & Handling

Partial Amenities Plan

This plan combines our Flyer Design and Order Form amenities. The flyers will direct your patrons to your custom order page. All ornaments will be shipped to one central location for distribution.


Full Amenities Plan

This plan includes all of the amenities listed above: Flyer Design, Order Form, and Individual Shipping.


+ Shipping & Handling