Packing your Ornaments in Plastic Sleeves

Before You Start

Make sure you have all the materials you’ll need.

  • Your ornaments (provided by Tom Pollard Designs)
  • Cardboard backing (provided by Tom Pollard Designs)
  • Plastic sleeves (provided by Tom Pollard Designs)
  • Information sheets (provided by Tom Pollard Designs)
  • Single sided tape
  • Double sided tape

Unzip the Plastic Sleeves. Be sure to get the edges open to make sliding in the cardboard backing easier.

Guided Steps

  1. Set out information sheets face down (We like to set out 5-10 at a time). Place a small piece of double sided tape at the top center of each sheet.
  2. Push an ornament string through the hole from the front of the cardboard backing. On the back of the cardboard use a piece of single sided tape to tape down the string of your ornament. *To prevent getting fingerprints on the ornament – keep the ornament in the plastic cellophane covering they come in until Step # 4
  3. Place Info Sheet on the back of the cardboard near the top.
  4. Remove the plastic cellophane covering from your ornament.
  5.  Hold the info sheet down to prevent it from folding and slide the cardboard backing into the plastic sleeve. Zip the bag closed and you’re done.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call for help 1-800-231-4788