Caring for your Brass Ornaments


As is the case with all brass items these ornaments can tarnish over time. You can slow down that process by storing them correctly. When not on display the best thing for your brass ornament is to keep it away from heat and air. Heat and oxidation can accelerate the rate at which the brass tarnishes. When packing your ornament, place it away in an airtight zip lock bag. Then store the ornament in a cool place, such as an attic, basement, garage, or storage unit.


Over time, even when kept in the best of conditions, brass items will tarnish. Fortunately, it can be quick and easy to restore your ornament. Simply use a soft cloth and brass cleaner. Use a small amount of cleaner on the cloth and rub all over your ornament in small circles. This will remove any tarnish and leave your ornament looking like new. Once all the tarnish has been removed use a second clean cloth to wipe off any remaining brass cleaner. To safeguard against extensive tarnishing and to extend the life of your ornament clean it yearly.