Wild Horses


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Where Did the Wild Horses Go?

Around the turn of the 20th century, the population of wild horses in the United States was approximately two million; today, the number is estimated to be around 39,000. Wild horses mostly live on refuges and sanctuaries established by the U.S. Government and independent organizations where they can roam free and live like they did centuries ago in the Wild West.

Their Family Structure

A dominant stallion is in charge of the family group and directs the family to the grazing area, water holes, and to shelter when harsh weather creeps in.  Once a horse is two to three years old they are driven off to find their own family group to avoid inbreeding. Each horse in the family group knows their place in the order and the rules are carefully followed. When herds get too big for their habitat, some horses get moved or sold to private individuals who have demonstrated the ability to take care of the horses.


A beautiful and unique gift for any wild horse collector and a way to remember the beauty of nature.