Vietnam Memorial


Red felt box included

3″W x 3″H x 1/8″D

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The Wall

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was designed not to make a political statement but to honor the men and women who served in one of America’s most divisive wars and to reflect on the price of war in human terms. This memorial gives veterans a place to reflect, remember friends lost, and to heal wounds. The memorial is made up of several parts. The first is The Wall”, dedicated in 1982, which contains 58,249 names of both deceased and missing on a long black wall sunk down in the earth tucked in a corner of the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Additions to the Memorial

In addition to that are the “Three Servicemen Statue and Flagpole”, added 1984, the “Vietnam Women’s Memorial”, added 1993, and the “Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commemorative Plaque” which honors those who have died after the war from injuries suffered while in Vietnam. Visitors come to the memorial for many reasons; it is hard not to be deeply touched by the symbolism of the memorial.


Honor every Vietnam Veteran with this commemorative brass ornament.