Turkey Point Light


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The Most Women Keepers

The Turkey Point Lighthouse, located in Elk Neck State Park in Maryland, has the distinction among those on the Chesapeake Bay of being tended by more women keepers (four in all), than any other lighthouse.  It is also the highest of the 74 on the bay.

A Future Museum

Built on a 100-foot bluff in 1833, the masonry lighthouse has a height of 35 feet and had shined for over 160 years- seen up to 13 miles out at sea. The lighthouse was fully automated in 1948 when it also changed from a fixed light to a flashing light. In 2000, the light was deactivated as its services were no longer needed. The lighthouse was again relit on November 30, 2002, and will be a museum once it is restored to its original condition.



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