The Republican Party


Red felt box included

2 1/2″W x 2 3/8″H

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Choosing the Elephant

The Republican symbol of an elephant was the brainchild of cartoonist Thomas Nast, a contributor in Harper’s Weekly. In 1874 his piece featured a donkey (disguised as a lion) scaring the other zoo animals. One of the creatures drawn was an elephant that was labeled “The Republican Vote”. From that moment forward, the elephant stuck and became the official representative of the Republican Party.

Dignified & Strong

Overtime, the Republican Party gained nicknames such as the Grand Old Party, or G.O.P., which dates back to days as early as 1876. And although the elephant logo stems from the satirical cartoon of Thomas Nast (in which the elephant is afraid), the Republicans refer to the elephant as both dignified and strong.

Show your support for the Republican party with this keepsake gift. It’s also and ideal thank you gift for campaign workers and supporters.