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The Unique History

Derived from the Caddo Indian tribe’s word for “friendship”, Texas has a unique and interesting past that helped mold the fast-growing state of today. Originally inhabited by Spanish Missionaries who settled in San Antonio in the year 1718, the state remained primarily desolate. However, the empty space was soon filled up by constant fighting between the original Mexican settlers and the US citizens who were granted permission to settle there in the aftermath of the Revolutionary War in America and the War of Mexican Independence. After many a battle, Texas become its own independent nation in 1835, and eventually gained its statehood on December 29th, 1845.

Texas Today

Today Texas boasts a population of over 25 million people and remains a hotspot for crude oil in the United States. Texans are known for their Southern hospitality, incredible barbeque, as well as the massive Astrodome, which some refer to it as “The Eighth Wonder of the World”. With spots like, Galveston, Austin, and Houston, there is much to see in this great state.