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History & Culture

The largest of the Scandinavian countries, as well as the fourth largest European country, Sweden’s footprint in history is just as large. Much of their war successes and governmental decisions have majorly impacted the fate of other European and non-European countries. During the 17th century, the country became independent and expanded to encompass territories located outside of the Scandinavian Peninsula. However, this land was lost and in 1814 the Swedish military participated in a war, forcing Norway into a personal union. Afterwards, Sweden took a vow of peace, adopting an isolationist stance and declaring their neutrality in wartime. This decision has greatly impacted their culture and tradition as Swedes are highly egalitarian and peaceful in nature.

Food-wise, homely fare or husmanskot is distinctively Swedish, featuring staples such as potatoes, meat or fish, cheese, and vegetables. Specialties include saffron buns for Saint Lucia and pickled herring for Midsummer parties.


This colorful and unique ornament captures the essence of Sweden and would make a perfect gift or addition to your own collection. Celebrate your heritage or remember a visit to this beautiful country.