Archangel Raphael


Black felt box included

3 1/2″W x 3 3/8″H x 1/2″D

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God’s Healer

Archangel Raphael, one of the seven archangels who stand before the throne of God, is credited with many miracles- all of which granted him the title “God’s Healer”. When the world was scarred with the sins of the fallen angles, it is believed Raphael was the one who healed the earth and restored it to its original form. Other acts of miraculous healing include restoring Tobit’s vision, so that he would be able see the light of Heaven, as well as curing all those with illnesses at the pool at Bethesda. Today, Raphael is the patron saint of travelers, the blind, and the sick.

St. Raphael’s Prayer

Blessed Saint Raphael, Archangel,
We beseech you to help us in all our needs
and trials of this life,
as you, through the power of God,
didst restore sight and gave guidance to young Tobit.
We humbly seek your aid and intercession,
that our souls may be healed,
our bodies protected from all ills,
and that through divine grace
we may become fit to dwell
in the eternal Glory of God in heaven.


This ornament would make the perfect addition to any Christmas tree, or as a decorative piece all year long.