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A Rich History & Beautiful Culture

Few nations can compete with the beauty and spirit that is found in Slovakia. This European nation was originally inhabited by the Slavs in the sixth century, and was soon overtaken by Avars. However, overtime, the Slavs were able to drive out these people and form a distinct culture. Starting in the Middle Ages, they entered a strong period of economic development, due to their extensive mining of silver and gold, as well as their selling of furs. As time marched along, the Slavs also became mixed up with conflicts in the Austro-Hungarian War and were a hot spot for Communism during WWII. Today, Slovakia is known for quite a few culture antiquities that cause thousands to flock to this country every year. Due to their rich background of royalty, Slovakia holds the record for the highest number of castles per capita in the world, features thousands of caves, and is home to the first reservation of folk architecture.