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Rich History

Portugal is a country of wine lovers and winemakers, explorers and fishermen, which come together to create a rich history and culture. Prince Henry the Navigator provided the vision that was responsible for the expansion of Portugal, even though he was not a seaman himself. Portugal’s role in global exploration is even represented on their national flag by the placement of an ancient astronomical maritime navigational device (the armillary sphere) in the center of the flag. Folk music remains popular even today and its traditions of fado, originally the music of the urban poor, are known worldwide.

Fish has been an important staple for the Portuguese population, both for consumption and for economic activity, while their sheep have provided them with meat, milk and wool.

Catholicism & Shrines

The roots of Catholicism run very deep in Portugal, with a majority of the population calling themselves Catholic. The Virgin Mary appeared to three village children in the village of Fatima in 1917, and now the Shrine at Fatima has become a location for international pilgrimages, especially for those with the hope of a miraculous healing.


This colorful and unique ornament captures the essence of Portugal and would make a perfect gift or addition to your own collection. Celebrate your heritage or remember a visit to this beautiful country.