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Vibrant Traditions & Culture

Poland’s tradition and culture is as colorful as the ornate costumes worn Polka dancing. Known for their specific style of dance and dress, as well as the iconic accordion music, Poland is home to many types of artistry. During Easter, Pysanky, a well-known process for decorating eggs with brilliant-colored dyes (using a wax resistant method) is a highly popular tradition- with beautiful eggs as the final product. Poland’s distinct culinary culture is also quite diverse as pierogies, kielbasa, and beer come together to create an incredible meal, that has been spread around the globe. Poland also boasts several influential people in its history including Pope John Paul II, the first non-Italian pope in 455 years, Copernicus, pronounced to be the founder of modern astronomy, and Kazimierz Pulaski, Commander against the Russians and in Washington’s army during the American Revolution.


Poland’s national flag, a simple design consisting of two horizontal stripes colored red and white, symbolize the history and morals of the nation. The red, representing the blood shed from the country’s fight for independence, is offset by the white- meaning peace and tranquility. Also, the coat of arms consisting of  a crowned White Eagle in a red field similarly symbolizes the color of the flag- furthering the importance of red and white on this nation.


This colorful and unique ornament captures the essence of Poland and would make a perfect gift or addition to your own collection. Celebrate your heritage or remember a visit to this beautiful country.