Pittsburgh Gold


Red Gift Box included

3″W x 2 1/2″H

The Golden Triangle

Pittsburgh, founded in 1758 and established in 1816, has lead an interesting path to reach its current state of popularity and success. In the past, the commerce created by the rivers and the steel industry supported the large immigrant population, but greatly damaged the environment and air–making for a soot filled sky and a dirty city. However, in the past 50 years, the clean air initiative has helped to jump start Pittsburgh into an energy efficient, tech-savvy site. Due to its great success, the city is commonly referred to as The Golden Triangle”. All in all the ‘Burgh is considered a friendly place where residents and tourists alike appreciate experiencing an ever-changing, beautiful city. Additionally, as of 2016, Pittsburgh celebrated its 200th birthday as it was established in 1816–complete with a parade and the gift of city pride. In 2018, Pittsburgh will celebrate 250 years since it was first settled.


Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle is a favorite of everyone from western Pennsylvania.