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Not Just in Cold Climates

Despite the popular belief that penguins only live in frigid climates- many live in more temperate zones. Penguins are flightless birds which allow them to catch their food while swimming underwater, feeding mostly on squid, krill, fish and other sea life. Penguins spend half of their lives in the oceans using their wings as flippers. Within their plumage, they have a thin layer of air which gives them buoyancy and helps keep them warmer in the cold waters.

Stealth & Motion

Penguins seem to have no fear approaching humans but remain at risk while at sea from predators such as the leopard seal. The white belly of the penguin helps it hide them from predators while swimming in the water as it looks just like the reflective water surface when seen from underneath. On land penguins move by waddling or sliding on their bellies across the snow and icy surface. Additionally,  they can jump to cross rocky and uneven terrain.


Buy this keepsake ornament as a unique gift for any penguin enthusiast or collector, or as a beautiful way to remember a trip to the zoo or aviary.