Old Point Loma


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3 1/4″W x 3 1/2″H x 1/8″D

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With a lens situated 462 feet above sea level (and a tower height of 46 feet), the Old Point Loma Lighthouse had the highest elevation in the nation while in operation . The third-order Fresnel lens was lit for the first time on November 15, 1855 overlooking San Diego Bay. The advantage of such a monstrous height was that it could be seen many more miles out to sea on a clear night. A disadvantage of this height was that low clouds and fog often obscured the light, rendering it useless for mariners. This led to deactivation on March 23, 1891, the same day the light of the new Point Loma Lighthouse- built on lower adjacent property- was lit.

A Landmark & Museum

The lighthouse is now part of the Cabrillo National Monument, serving as a landmark and museum for all to experience the beautiful lighthouse that started as a little stack of bricks” after being built by the California government.



The Point Loma Lighthouse Ornament is an ideal gift for any lighthouse collector or as a souvenir to commemorate a visit to San Diego. Tom Pollard Designs specializes in designing the finest gold-plated brass lighthouse ornaments.