New York City


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The Big Apple

New York City, also known as “The Big Apple”  is the most populated city in the United States with over 8 million inhabitants. The first settlers arrived in 1624, and paved the way for the culturally diverse New York City of today. Such diversity is the result of a large number of immigrants coming into Ellis Island (welcomed by Lady Liberty) causing an explosion in art, cuisine, and language. Currently, over 50% of residents 5 and older speak a language other than English, and neighborhoods such as “Little Italy” and “Chinatown” are huge tourists spots to catch some authentic culture. Another iconic part of this magnificent city rests in its theatre district. With New York City being the home to Broadway and a plethora of incredible shows- there is no wonder over 12 million view the performances annually. Whether it is the Freedom Tower, Grand Central Station, or Rockefeller Center, New York has an endless destinations to enjoy and there is something for everyone to see.


Order this ornament as a wonderful keepsake to remember your visit to New York City, or as a gift for someone who loves this fair city and its history.