Liberty Bell


Red felt box included

3 3/8″ Diameter

The Original Bell

In 1752, a bell for the Pennsylvania State House was cast in England; however, upon the arrival of the bell in Philadelphia a crack formed. Luckily, local craftsmen, John Pass and John Stow, were able to cast a new bell in 1753 using metal from the original English bell. Their names appear on the front of the bell. Then, once again, in 1846, a thin crack began to affect the sound of the bell and was repaired for an upcoming celebration of George Washington’s birthday. Unfortunately at the event, the bell cracked again and has not been rung since. Additionally, the loving term The Liberty Bell” was not dubbed until the late 1830s.



This Liberty Bell ornament is a wonderful keepsake to remember your visit to Philadelphia – and a great gift for every patriot and history buff.