Land Lighthouse


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2 1/2″W x 3 1/4″H x  1/8″D

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Location and Size

Erie Land Lighthouse can be found on the bluffs which overlook Lake Erie. This sandstone lighthouse tower is 48 feet and 10 inches tall, with a diameter of 19 feet.


In an effort to improve navigation on the Great Lakes, Congress authorized constructions and appropriated funds in 1810. However, due to the War of 1812, the lighthouse wasn’t built until 1818. The tower was replaced in 1851 and 1867. The lighthouse remained in service until 1880 before being reactivated five years later. In 1899, the light was permanently decommissioned. Formerly known as the Old Presque Isle Light, this lighthouse is the oldest of the three lighthouses found in Erie. In March of 1978 The Erie Land Light was added to the National register of Historic Places.