Irish Claddagh


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History & Symbolism

The Claddagh dates back more than 300 years to the small fishing village of Claddagh in Ireland.  The Claddagh is very symbolic and is most frequently worn as a ring. The Claddagh ring was first produced during the reign of Queen Mary II in the 17th century.

The Claddagh design features two hands clasping a heart topped with a crown.  The hands signify friendship and community, the heart symbolizes love, and the crown stands for loyalty.  Even the way the Claddagh ring is worn has meaning –  signifying if the wearer is single, in a serious relationship, engaged or married.

Cultural Reach

With the exodus of many from Ireland during the Irish Potato Famine in the years 1845-1849, the Claddagh was brought throughout the world with the Irish emigrants.  Today, the Claddagh is familiar to many and is most commonly associated with those of Irish ancestry.



If you are looking for an Irish ornament that is both beautiful and meaningful, we can think of no better selection than our popular Claddagh ornament.