Intercourse, PA


Red felt box included

2 3/4″W x 3 1/8″H

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A Curious Name

Intercourse, Pennsylvania, founded in 1754, has several theories as to how it received such a curious name, which was adopted in 1814.. One theory involves an old race track that was located at the east end of the town. The entrance to this course was referred to as the “enter course” which then evolved into “Intercourse”. The second theory centers around two major roads that intersected at what is now the town’s location. One road ran from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and the other stretched from Erie to Wilmington. This intersection of two busy roadways blossomed into the town “Cross Keys” which later became known as “Intercourse.” The third theory springs from the language of the day. The word “intercourse” referred to fellowship and friendship, which was very much a part of life in this agricultural and faith-filled village.

The Town Today

Today, Intercourse is a town nestled among Amish farmland that has wonderful shops and friendly people.


This ornament is a beautiful keepsake for any Pennsylvania resident or those who are interested in Amish life.