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Iconic Landmarks & Inventions

Germany is a land filled with culture and history. Part of its culture lies in the beautiful castles and various landmarks located high on the mountain sides– particularly along the Rhine  Germany is also home to the Black Forest and Bavarian Alps, where the white Edelweiss flower is found. Cars are a huge part of the nation’s history: Germany is known for its autobahn and its auto manufacturing companies such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen- who brought us the VW Beetle.

Famous Composers, Folk Tales & Olympics

Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and Brahms all made an indelible mark on classical music, and today governmental support of the arts is strong. German folklore was brought to the international scene with the publishing of the Grimm Folk Tales. Additionally, the German Olympic athletes have brought home the third highest number of Olympic medals in the world.


During a visit to the beer halls in Oktoberfest, it’s not difficult to see why beer is a favorite drink. Often seen in those halls are the Oom-pah bands and the folk dancers in traditional dress. Usually a large pretzel and some sausages (or wursts) accompany a 1-litre mug of beer.


This colorful and unique ornament captures the essence of Germany and would make a perfect gift or addition to your own collection. Celebrate your heritage or remember a visit to this beautiful country.