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3 1/8″W x 3 1/8″H x 1/4″D

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A Unique History

Featuring the iconic flag bearing St. George’s Cross, our England ornament encompasses significant elements of this beautiful nation. Adoration for the royal family is represented by the Queen’s Foot Guards in their signature bear-skin hats. Our ornament also features the intricate Big Ben. Ironically, this nickname originally referred to only the clock at the north end of Westminster Palace, but has become synonymous with the entire clock tower over the years. The origin of this nickname is highly debated, but most believe it came from either Sir Benjamin Hall–the overseer of the bell’s construction–or Benjamin Caunt, the great English heavyweight boxing champion.


Our unique England ornament also features the iconic double-decker buses and the British Parliament Building. Commemorate a trip to this wonderful nation or purchase this piece for a fellow England-lover today!