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Elephant Facts

There are two species of elephants – African and Asian. The African elephant is more plentiful and larger than their Asian counterparts. Elephants are the largest land animals alive today, and can live 70 years or more- producing offspring until around their 50th year. Adults can weigh six tons or more, and females are typically half the size of the largest males.

Sensitive Creatures

Elephants are threatened by both poachers for ivory and by their shrinking habitat. They are very important to their ecosystem in many ways.  Elephants are very sensitive animals that cry, play, laugh, touch, caress, grieve at a loss, and greet returning elephants. Their trunk is very heavy and it is a sensitive organ with over 100,000 muscle units. Elephants don’t drink with their trunk as it is a union of the nose and upper lip. The trunk is merely a tool for getting the water into their mouth.


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