Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse


Red felt box included

3 1/2″W x 3 5/8″H

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Located in Rochester, New York, the 40-foot sandstone octagonal Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse was built in 1822 and was in operation until 1881. Starting in 1829, (when the piers were constructed) the mouth of the port changed dramatically making a new location necessary. As a result, a new lighthouse was built on the west pier in 1884 and the lens was moved to the new location. The last keeper transferred to another station after the light became automated in 1947. After that, the old lighthouse became the home of the commander of the local Coast Guard station, and continued to be so until 1982 when the Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse Historical Society was formed to preserve the historic sight.

A Local & National Treasure

The Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse was named a City of Rochester Landmark and was placed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places. The lighthouse functions as a museum today and is the second oldest lighthouse on the Great Lakes.



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