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A Diverse History

Originally territory of Mexico, California began its tumultuous journey into statehood in the 1840’s after east coast settlers revolted against the Mexican government and formed the Bear Flag Republic. The failure of this makeshift nation and the Mexican-American War led to the eventual claim of California as a United States’ territory. Two years after the war, California officially became a state on September 9th, 1850.

Surf, Sun and So Much More

Because of its size and geographic positioning, California is home to a plethora of diverse landscapes including cliff-lined shores, snowy mountains, vast deserts and unique forests. Of the four National Parks that call California home, Yosemite’s takes the cake as the most historically significant-as it is the first National Park.


Our Golden State ornament is a wonderful way to bring a piece of California into your home or commemorate a trip to the west coast! Featuring the California State Poppies covering the frame and the California State flag, this gold-plated ornament brings the sun and fun of our 31st state.