Bodie Lighthouse


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Many a vessel met their fate along the northern North Carolina coast before the Bodie Island Lighthouse was in place. Construction of the 54-foot tall tower began in the summer of 1847, but it started to lean within two years and therefore had to be abandoned in 1859. Then again, a second 80-foot tower was built, but was blown up in 1861 by Confederate troops who feared the Union forces would use it as an observation post. Flashing forward, the Bodie Lighthouse we know today was built in 1872 and it still in use.


The 156-foot tall lighthouse with bold 22-foot tall black and white circular strips was built, equipped with a first-order Fresnel lens, and was first lit on October 1, 1872. The light was automated in 1932 and today the light continues to aid vessels with a light pattern of 2.5 seconds on, 2.5 off, 2.5 seconds on and 22.5 seconds off and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.



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