Biker Buddies


Black felt box included

3″W x 3″H

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What Makes a Biker a Biker

Bikers come in all styles and from all walks of life. From the tough guy” to the “professional”, there is a whole range of riders to get to know. Some ride to spread their faith, others to party, some to promote and raise money for a charity. There are even those who have no particular mission other than to enjoy what the road has to offer — beautiful scenery, the wind blowing, and the priceless feeling of freedom. Biker Buddies can be as simple as two friends going out for a ride, or gangs going to the large rallies that are held across this great country.

Not The Same Old Stereotype

The “typical image” of a biker has been waved goodbye as anyone can join in. The stereotype of rough and tumble men has certainly fallen to the wayside, as even the most reserved of men and women can find enjoyment on the open road. One thing is for certain- motorcyclists and “Biker Buddies” alike are living their dream, with many even serving their communities while having a great time.


Buy this ornament for your favorite motorcyclist or biker buddy.