Benjamin Franklin


Red felt box included

3 1/4″W x 3 1/4″H x 1/8″D

Benjamin Franklin’s Life

Benjamin Franklin was a writer, inventor, and politician and is best known for being one of the United States founding fathers. Born January 17th, 1706, Franklin’s early life was heavily impacted by his apprenticship at his brother’s print shop and newspaper The New England Courant”. Young Franklin (to the chagin of his brother) started his writing career under the pseudynym “Silence Dogood” in which he would give witty advice and spin some outlandish tales.

As he matured, Benjamin Franklin proved to be just as inventive as he pursued paths of science, mathmatics, and even cartography. Franklin also published ‘Poor Richards Almanac, invented the first public library, bifocals, and even had his own print shop.

In terms of political involvement, Franklin became a member of Philadelphia’s city council in 1748 and was eventually elected as Pennsylvania’s State Representative. His impact on the political development of the US remains a key part of his legacy.


Buy this ornament as a keepsake for the history buff in your life or as a reminder of one of America’s Founding Fathers.