Bald Eagles


Red felt box included

3″ Diameter

A Beautiful Symbol & Bird of Prey

The Bald Eagle is the national bird of the United States, as well as a symbol of freedom. It is a bird of prey found in North America, Canada and northern Mexico near large open bodies of water. Eagles have large, powerful hooked beaks and talons, as well as strong legs and sharp eyesight (which enables them to spot prey from afar). Their average wingspan is 66-88 inches, with the female being about 25% larger than the male.


The adult bald eagle has a white head and tail with a brown body. Bald eagles prefer to nest in old-growth hardwood trees that are isolated and close to water. The Bald Eagle builds nests out of branches up to 13 ft. deep, 8 ft. wide, and 1.1 ton in weight which are used year after year. At one time, the bald eagle was near extinction in the continental U.S.; however, since their numbers have increased, they have been removed from the U.S. Federal Government’s list of endangered species.


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