Assateague Island Lighthouse


Red felt box included

2 1/2″W x 3 1/8″H

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This bright red and white striped, 142-foot brick Assateague Lighthouse was built in 1867. It has stacked twin 1000-watt rotating lamps that provide a double white flash every 5 seconds from a height of 154 feet above sea level- which can be seen 19 miles out to sea.


Today, the Assateague Lighthouse is not on the water’s edge.  Unlike other lighthouses which are threatened by beach erosion, it is estimated that, due to the natural southward growth of the island since 1850, the lighthouse is now 5 miles away from the Chincoteague Inlet. At 22-feet above sea level, the Assateague Lighthouse is still active today warning passing ships off the shallow waters of Assateague.



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