Amish Quilter


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2 5/8″W x 3 1/4″H

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Young Amish Girls and Quilting

Quilting for the Amish girl starts when she is very young. First, she plays around the quilting frame in the family’s sitting room, but as she nears  adolescence, she is given a chance to run a few stitches on a quilt or given some quilting materials of her own to practice using an embroidery hoop. By the age of 16, she is regularly quilting with her mother. With practice, the quilter hopes to eventually be able to make ten stitches per inch while quilting through three layers of fabric and batting.

Quilting Tradition

Amish women have been making quilts since the mid-1800s or even earlier. Quilts serve a functional purpose as well as being a form of art and entertainment. Sometimes the women gather in groups for a quilting bee which gives them a chance to socialize and relax with each other. Quilting has become a business which enables a woman to subsidize her family’s income by selling her handmade quilts.


The Amish Quilter ornament is an ideal, affordable gift for any Amish collector.