Amish Farmer


Red felt box included

3″ Diameter

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The Amish Farmer’s Way of Life

The Amish farmer has made a commitment to a way of life, one which encourages family unity and a strong faith. Families are typically larger, and work  together on the farm, which is then passed down to the sons. The labor completed by each family member helps to provide food and shelter.

A Strong Community and Future

Amish farmers have a simplified, yet labor intensive lifestyle, which has enabled them to avoid taking on large debts (like their more modern counterparts) as well as remain independent from modern technology. Amish farmers work together, thus strengthening family and community bonds, by helping each other when needed to make sure silos are full or helping to build new structures for each other. Based on the Amish’s rich past full of tradition and stewardship, a strong future is in the making.


The Amish Farmer ornament is an ideal, affordable gift for any Amish collector.