Online Store FAQ

Thousands of customers have purchased ornaments from our store. We have these ornaments in stock and ship them quickly. We add new designs on a regular basis. Like our Facebook page to keep up with the latest designs.

1How will my order be shipped? What are your shipping fees?

There is a $5 flat fee for the purchase of 1-4 ornaments. Free shipping is available with the purchase of 5 or more ornaments.

Ornaments are usually shipped USPS and, on average, take 2-9 business days to arrive, depending greatly on your location in the U.S.

Most ornaments ship with a black slimline box. Some of the larger or dimensional ornaments do not fit in the black box and may come in a white folding box. A gold foil gift box is available for purchase.

2How do you measure your ornaments?

We measure most of our ornaments by Width, Height and Depth based on how it is oriented in the image. Depth is used for pop-up and dimensional ornaments. The round ornaments are measured by their Diameter.

3What are your ornaments made of?

The ornaments are made of brass which is chemically photo-etched and plated to give it its final tarnish-resistant finish. If you wish to learn more about the process of creating an ornament, feel free to visit the following page: The Process of Creating Ornaments. Please be sure to read the page all the way to the end to learn about the entire process.

4How thick are your ornaments? I've purchased some brass ornaments in my travels that are so wafer thin that you can bend them with little or no effort. How sturdy are yours?

Ornaments that are too thin bend and break over time. Ornaments made of metal that is too thick can weigh the Christmas tree branches down and just look bulky. We use a thickness of metal (.020 inch or.5 mm thick) that is both durable yet light enough to hang nicely on the tree.

5Do the ornaments tarnish?

Like all brass items these ornaments can tarnish over time. However, proper storage and cleaning can reduce and reverse the dull appearance.

When storing your brass ornament, the best way to limit tarnishing is to pack the ornament in an airtight zip lock bag, and to store it in a cool area.

To safeguard against extensive tarnishing clean your ornament yearly. Use a soft cloth and brass cleaner, rubbing all over your ornament in small circles.

6What are your options for packaging of the ornaments?

Most ornaments from our Online Store are shipped in our standard Black Slimline Gift Box free of charge. However, we do offer other packaging options. Get more information here.

Some of the larger dimensional ornaments don't fit in any of our boxes. If you have a question about the ornament you want, please contact us with you question.

7Do you offer any stands or hangers so we can proudly display our ornaments year-round?
We offer two different types of Ornament Hangers which would be perfect to present your treasured keepsakes year-round. We have a "tree-style" hanger that holds a single ornament and a hanger that is able to hold up to six ornaments. We also carry a smaller metal "Display Stand" that is able to hold a single ornament. Get more information on our beautiful display stand and hanger options here.
8Is there a minimum number of ornaments that must be ordered?

No. You may order as few or as many as you would like. Larger quantities qualify for discounts and free shipping.

9I imagine that if our order is large, there can be more than one box to ship to us. How much can we expect to pay for shipping?

All orders of 5 ornaments or more are shipped FREE of charge regardless of the number of boxes it takes to ship.