Pink Ribbon Ornament


Black felt box included

1 7/8″W x 2 1/2″H

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History & Hope

October is the month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, made public by the mass amount of civilians worldwide that don their pink ribbons. With more than 200,000 women diagnosed annually- cancer truly affects everyone. However, in recent years, advancements in research and technology have been able to improve prognoses for individuals with the disease. The story behind this symbol traces back to 1991 when ribbons were first handed out at a race celebrating breast cancer survivors in New York City by the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Of these survivors were Charlotte Hayley and Evelyn Lauder (of Estee Lauder), who worked together throughout the early ’90’s to make the pink ribbon” the international symbol for breast cancer. In recent years and particularly in October, there are events sponsored throughout the world to raise funds and awareness to help find a cure for breast cancer and to support those undergoing treatment for the disease. The fight will continue until a cure is found.


Honor breast cancer survivors and memorialize those that have passed with this special Pink Ribbon Ornament.