Pine Cone


Black felt box included

2″W x 3 1/2″H x 3/4″D

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Nature’s Gift

Hanging high from majestic pine trees, these intricate pinecones help to spread their seeds and create growth. With such a a delicate design and interesting life (from seed, to cone, to the earth), there is no wonder that the pinecone symbolizes “The Third Eye”. Due to the its shape, the pinecone bears a striking resemblance to the pineal gland, which is directly linked to the body’s perception of light. With that in mind, throughout history people have come to see the pinecone as a source of human enlightenment. Today, the pinecone is often associated with Christmas, which coincidentally is a time of hope and light.
* Dated with 2013


Purchase this ornament as a way to give your Christmas tree a bit more light, or give as a gift to a loved one who is in need of brighter days.