Fenwick Island


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A Unique Design

Built in 1858, the Fenwick Island Lighthouse (made of brick and standing 89 feet tall) warned ships of the dangers on the water’s edge for 138 years. The design of the lighthouse itself is unique, as it has two brick towers instead of one- with the outer one being conical in shape and the inner one cylindrical. There is a cast iron spiral staircase that goes all the way up to the lantern.

Unsuspecting Location

The Fenwick Island Lighthouse has an unusual location as it is exactly on the eastern origin of the Mason-Dixon Line- which is the border between Delaware and Maryland. It was surveyed by two English engineers named Mason and Dixon in 1751. The Lighthouse was deactivated in 1978 but was relit in May 1982 through the efforts of Friends of Fenwick Island Lighthouse, and it continues to be cared for by this group.



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