Affiliate Program

Joining the Affiliate Program is FREE and easy.

The Affiliate Program is a free way to boost profits when having a fundraiser for your organization. When your account is ready all you have to do is promote your group’s unique code and encourage members from your community to purchase ornaments, stands, boxes or gift cards from our website. When your supporters are checking out they use a unique coupon code which will record the sales. You receive 25% of the proceeds quarterly. That’s it! Promoting your fundraiser through your website, social media or flyers is the only work you need to do. We take care of the rest.

To sign up, call our experts at 800-231-4788, or contact us through our web form for additional information.

There is a uniquely designed collectible ornament for every taste, and by offering a variety of in-stock ornaments from our Online Store you increase your chances for larger individual sales. Browse our Online Ornament Store to find a wide selection of collectible favorites.


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